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Naturally delicious!

Unsere Liefergebiete sind: 60311 | 60313 | 60314 | 60316 | 60318 | 60385

Lust auf leckere Pizza und Salat? Du erreichst uns telefonisch unter 069-76 02 60 51 oder klicke auf den Button um online zu bestellen.

In the mood for delicious pizza and salad? Then you're at the right place. In Frankfurt's Eastend we produce with a lot of passion and the best ingredients. Come and visit us or let us bring our pizza to your home.

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You can reach us by phone at 069-76 02 60 51 or click the button to order online. Our delivery areas are: 60311 | 60313 | 60314 | 60316 | 60318 | 60385


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Röderbergweg 61
60314 Frankfurt am Main

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Opening hours

Sunday – Thursday: 17:00 – 22:00
Friday – Saturday: 17:00 – 23:00

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Take it vegan: Everything is also available with vegan cheese (0.7 €)
Toppings for an extra charge:Kalamata olives (€2,0), peperoncini (€1.4), leaf spinach (€1.1), garlic oil (€1.0), additional buffalo mozzarella (€3.8),
buffalo mozzarella instead of mozzarella ( €2.80), corn (€0.8), anchovies (€1.9), garlic and basil tapenade (1,7 €)
Here you will find the allergens and additives


Bread with it? Fresh pizza bread (1.5 €)
Here you can find the allergens and additives


Just pizza?
With us, nothing is just that.

Fat Tony’s Pizza differs from the “mandid” of many pizza bakers. Our small but fine pizzeria in Frankfurt’s Ostend produces delicious flatbreads with a lot of passion and fun. The quality of the products used is particularly important to us. We use many ingredients from organic and/or sustainable production for our fragrant pizza specialties.

As less is often more, we at Fat Tony’s deliberately only offer a smaller selection of pizzas and salads. This allows us to produce the offered dishes with great quality. Where others easily lose themselves in diversity, our small range is uncompromisingly delicious. Can a seemingly simple pizza stand with no standing or seating create a sophisticated taste experience? Yes, you can always taste our passion with our pizza from Frankfurt’s Ostend. Just stop by Fat Tony’s for a pizza and try our delicious products.

We get our mozzarella from the L’Abbate cheese factory in Offenbach, our sausages come from the Schwäbisch Hall farming community and our spelled flour is delivered the Urkorn purists from the Kraichgau. The spelled dough for our pizza matures for at least 24 hours and we source all salads/vegetables from regional partners whenever possible.

We don’t have the cheapest ingredients, we do have the tastiest!


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Fat Tony’s ordering app

Our iOS & Android app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Order with the app easily and quickly from your smartphone or tablet.










The Hohenlohe farmers, who have joined together to form the farmer’s producer association, breed and fatten the legendary Swabian Hall pig (PGI) and the famous boeuf de Hohenlohe as they did in the past on their farms. Performance enhancers and genetically contaminated feed are prohibited. This applies to the feeding of the animals that supply organic meat, as well as to the pigs, cattle and calves that are sold under the Quality Meat from Hohenlohe brand. Strict guidelines and constant controls guarantee that these obligations are met. Transparency is paramount.

We use: homemade farmer’s salami, cooked ham, smoked farmer’s ham, chilli salami, air-dried pepperoni salami, bacon/bacon and beef salami

The Käserei – or rather the Fabrica Latticini L’abbate – has been an insider tip in the heart of Offenbach for over 40 years.

It all began in the 1960s when the Italian migrant Antonio L’Abbate longed for got the local cheese. A lot has changed since then: Machines have taken over the essential work steps from the tedious manual work of the past. What has remained is the love and ambition to produce a good and natural product while preserving old traditional recipes. Today, the son Vito Giuseppe and his wife Andrea run the family business and supply major customers, restaurateurs and delicatessens and invite you to make private purchases in the farm shop.

We use: mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella

Why Urkorn? To date, the old types of grain have hardly changed. They are still very original in their genetics. In addition, the sticky protein gluten has a different composition than the gluten in our high-performance wheat, which is known today.

! Wholemeal 2.0 – the finest powdery wholemeal flour without a flaky taste
! Power pack – the valuable germ is contained in the flour
! Natural cultivation – unsprayed, GMO-free, guaranteed from Baden-Württemberg
! Great variety of flavors – many possibilities
! Freshness – we grind fresh every day
! Biodiversity – many rare wild herbs provides habitat for bees & Insects

We use: spelled flour and Blue Velvet spelled flour

We have intensive and personal contact with our producers. We purchase directly and regularly visit our partners on site. On these trips we like to be inspired by new culinary exceptions – some of them can later be found in the Oil Dorado.

At the beginning of each season we check the quality of our products and adjust the range accordingly. We make the annual selection of our olive oils between January and March after the producers have sent us their samples.

We use: Deortegas Coupage (medium fruity)

The leading manufacturer of electric scooters and light electric motorcycles in Europe.

More than 230 employees in Munich and in Wroclaw, Poland, develop and market pioneering solutions for the urban with a lot of passion Mobility. The basis for success is sound technical know-how, innovative product ideas and a love of extraordinary design.

We use: Govecs Pro Cargo Electric Scooter

The competent partner for the catering trade!

The aim of Liefergastro is to offer a wide range of high-quality products for everything to do with catering needs at particularly attractive prices.
In addition, the aim is to to ensure the best possible service. Liefergastro obtains the products from professional wholesalers or directly from the manufacturer.


We use: recycled pizza boxes (only printed in one color in an environmentally friendly way), bagasse made from sugar cane and paper stickers

Fat Tony’s | Röderbergweg 61 | 60314 Frankfurt am Main | 069.76 02 60 51

Opening times: Sunday to Thursday 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m | Friday and Saturday 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m
Payment methods: Cash | EC card | Credit card | Apple Pay | Google Pay | Contactless payment preferred!